Quality Assurance/Food Safety

Quality AssuranceAssuring the quality and integrity of the products that we produce is of critical concern to Whitestone Feeds.  As such, our company has implemented several internal and external protocols to guarantee that our products are produced safely and to the exact specifications of our customers.  Summarized below is a sample of those processes and procedures that are strictly adhered to:

  • Our company closely follows the Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) that have been established by the American Feed Industry Association.
  • Numerous internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) have been created and are on file addressing quality assurance and food safety.
  • To assure the highest level of bio-security, our company has created Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures for our trucking fleet in each plant
  • Whitestone Feeds has certified members of our team with the HACCP Certification.  These team members are assisting each of the Whitestone Feeds plant in the steps to have those plants HACCP certified.
  • Our company sources grains and other ingredients from approved and certified suppliers to protect the integrity of the inputs that are used in our products.
  • All incoming grains are sampled for toxins prior to bringing them into our inventory.
  • All incoming ingredients are sampled and analyzed to assure that they meet the required nutrient specifications.
  • All manufactured feeds are sampled and analyzed by an independent laboratory to assure that the products are meeting the guarantees of the tag.
  • Our company utilizes a finished feed cleaning system that is extremely unique in the industry.  This system screens all finished feeds and removes any foreign materials before it leaves the plant.