New Corporate Office

Posted on Jun 3, 2014

New Corporate Office

We are pleased to announce that Whitestone Feeds has moved its corporate office.

The Lord opened the door to a wonderful opportunity.  Whitestone Feeds had previously been leasing office space in Owensboro, Kentucky.  The company had the opportunity to purchase a new facility.  Conveniently located at 404 East 24th Street in the center of Owensboro, Kentucky, the new office is easy to locate for the customers, suppliers and guests that care to visit our office.  Not only is the new office perfectly suited to meet the operating needs of our company, the cost to own and operate the office will represent a substantial savings.  The intent is to reinvest those resources into improvements at our production facilities and in leading edge technology that will benefit our valued customers.

The former corporate office was a blessing and we give thanks for the time that we occupied it.  The new office, however, was a purchase making all properties that Whitestone Feeds operates from company owned.  It is our belief that this is the best approach as stewards of God’s resources.

As with all of the other assets in the company, Whitestone Feeds has dedicated this new office to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  While the functions of this office are for administration and business meetings, the main purpose is to glorify Him.

We pray for God’s blessing and protection over our customers, employees, suppliers and now for our new corporate office.