Feeding Protein Tubs to Beef Cattle

Posted on Aug 7, 2014

Feeding Protein Tubs to Beef Cattle

Feeding tubs is a sound management practice for delivering supplemental nutrients to  beef cattle on pasture, range or consuming stored forages(hay and silages).  The success or failure of a tub supplementation program will depend on the availability of forage, quality of the forage and matching the animals needs with the correct product.  If forage quantity is limited or of extremely poor quality, self-fed tubs alone might not be able to overcome the nutrient deficiency. Cattle can over consume in these instances trying to meet their needs.

Why are tubs a good choice to supplement my cattle?

  • They are easy to store and handle.
  • They are easily accessible.
  • They require little labor compared to hand supplementing.
  • Minimal equipment is required.
  • Consumption is self-limiting.

When supplementing with tubs, producers should provide the tubs as soon as protein and/or energy deficiency is identified and before noticeable loss performance(body condition, lactation, calf growth, fertility, Immune response, etc). Growing cattle and first calf heifers with calves that are  eating lower nutritional value forages may require continuous access, regardless of expected diet or forage quality.

Proper placement of the supplement in a pasture affects consumption.  Cattle will visit more frequently and consume more of the supplements placed near water, loafing areas and high traffic areas.  If consumption is lower than expected, positioning the tub in an easier access area should help.  If aggressive animals dominate the tubs, spread the tubs out to lessen social interactions between competing animals will help.

Whitestone Feeds proudly offers a complete line of protein tubs for beef cattle under the Precision  brand name.  The nutrient analysis of the standard product vary in either protein level, NPN or magnesium.

Following is a listing of the standard Precision Tubs:

  • Precision 25
  • Precision 25 Hi Mag
  • Precision 20 All Natural
  • Precision 30
  • Precision 40

One of the unique features that set Precision tubs apart from comparable tubs on the market is the use of Inellibond  trace mineral technology from Micronutrients.  Traditionally, trace mineral choices have been limited to minerals categorized as either organic or inorganic, but a unique category—hydroxy trace minerals—has been developed to deliver a source of trace minerals that is proven to work in harmony with dietary ingredients, not against them. They simply put more mineral into the bloodstream of the animal  and at a lower cost than inorganics . The Intellibond product has been research proven in over  trials.  Intellibond copper, zinc and manganese are all three formulated into Precision Tubs.

Occasionally, a customer may have special needs that are not met by the nutrition in the standard line of Precision Tubs.  No problem.  Whitestone Feeds is capable and eager to custom manufacture products to meet those special requests.  We have nutritional consultation available to help you make the correct choices in all feeding areas of your operation to enhance your bottom line!

For more information about Precision Tubs, or for a custom formulated beef tub, please call our office or respond by the CONTACT US page on this web site.

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