Customization is what we do.

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

Customization is what we do.

Many years ago, a popular fast food restaurant featured the concept that “you can have it your way” when you dine with them.  Whitestone Feeds has built this robust company on that same philosophy.

Often times, the commercial livestock producer has unique needs that require flexibility in the diets for his or her animals.  As such, a “one size fits all” product may not completely meet the needs of the herd or flock.

Perhaps you are a feed dealer or distributor and you wish to promote YOUR proprietary brand rather than a commercial, corporate brand.  Whitestone Feeds is the answer.  We want to be your feed manufacturing “partner” and allow you to advertise your company and your brand on all of your feed products that we would manufacture.

You may choose to use your nutritionist to build your own formula or allow Whitestone Feed’s team of nutritionists to professionally create the diets to meet your specifications.  If you choose to allow Whitestone Feeds to formulate your products, the cost of that professional service is part of the value you receive by doing business with us.

Getting started is simple.  Just click on the CONTACT US tab of this web site and share with us your needs.  A professional representative from our company will follow up with you in the manner in which best suits you (phone, email, personal visit to your operation).

Thank you for considering Whitestone Feeds for your private label and custom formulation feed needs.